Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide 2nd edition.

Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition by Eric Meyers

Cascading Style Sheets can put a great deal of control and flexibility into the hands of a Web designer–in theory. In reality, however, varying browser support for CSS1 and lack of CSS2 implementation makes CSS a very tricky topic.

Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide is a comprehensive text that shows how to take advantage of the benefits of CSS while keeping compatibility issues in mind.
The book is very upfront about the spotty early browser support for CSS1 and the sluggish adoption of CSS2. However, enthusiasm for the technology spills out of the pages, making a strong case for even the most skeptical reader to give CSS a whirl and count on its future. The text covers CSS1 in impressive depth–not only the syntactical conventions but also more general concepts such as specificity and inheritance. Frequent warnings and tips alert the reader to browser-compatibility pitfalls.

Entire chapters are devoted to topics like units and values, visual formatting and positioning, and the usual text, fonts, and colors. This attention to both detail and architecture helps readers build a well-rounded knowledge of  CSS and equips readers for a future of real-world debugging. Cascading Style Sheets honestly explains the reasons for avoiding an in-depth discussion of the still immature CSS2, but covers the general changes over CSS1 in a brief chapter near the end of the book.

When successfully implemented, Cascading Style Sheets result in much more elegant HTML that separates form from function. This fine guide delivers on its promise as an indispensable tool for Website Design CSS coders.

Topics covered:

Selectors and structure
Text manipulation
Colors and backgrounds
Boxes and borders
Visual formatting principles
CSS2 preview
CSS case studies


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  1. Paul R Pival says:

    Hmmm, Amazon claims the 2006 edition is the 3rd – do you have a link for the book you’re talking about?

  2. LaVan says:

    Hmmm, somebody is actually reading this
    You’re right Paul, there is a 3rd edition as you copointed out, I was going to comment on that.
    You can find the 2nd edition here:

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